Volume 7 Issue 2 April 2019

1 Using the ISO 27001 Standard for Risk Analysis in Software Compliances
Author(s): Amoghi Phirkei , Jayshreei Ghorpade-Aheri
DOI : https://appliedgis.2019.v07.i02.pp01-13                                                                                                       Page No:1-13

2 RFID-Based Online Parking Finder
Author(s): Sreevani Bhat , Dr. Deepak , Vishakha Pingale , Sanchi Agarwal , Soumya Bhadauriya
DOI : https://appliedgis.2019.v07.i02.pp01-7                                                                                                       Page No:1-7

3 Smart phones with built-in sensors can detect emergencies and provide help in the event of an accident
Author(s): S.Khedekar , Namrata R. Darekar,Bhagyashri B. Suvarnakar, Shital D. Dhonde
DOI : https://appliedgis.2019.v07.i02.pp01-3                                                                                                       Page No:1-3