Volume 6 Issue 3 July 2018

1 Research study focusing on the use of watermarking for social media security
Author(s): Misses Rekha Kaps , Payal Mitkari , Mayuri Ganjewar ,
DOI : https://appliedgis.2018.v06.i03.pp01-2                                                                                                       Page No:1-2

2 Data mining-based intelligent question answering
Author(s): Kalyani Shinde, Anjika Singh, Pallavi Singh, Reshma Shitole, and Prof. Sumeet Harale
DOI : https://appliedgis.2018.v06.i03.pp01-7                                                                                                       Page No:1-3

3 Smart Pill Box Based on an Internet of Things Platform
Author(s): Ravi Kasture, Sanket Borkar , Rahul Shinde , Diksha Waghmare , and Snehal Hande
DOI : https://appliedgis.2018.v06.i03.pp01-7                                                                                                       Page No:1-7