Volume 4 Issue 1 January 2016

1 Designing Internet of Things Software
Author(s): Dr. Poornashankar , Awantika ijwe
DOI : https://appliedgis.2016.v4.i01.pp01-4                                                                                                       Page No:1-4

2 Smart Contracts: Digital Certificate-Based Document Verification on the Blockchain
Author(s): Mansi Dandgaval, Prachi Alex, Sayali Tapkir, Snehal Jadhav, Prof.Akash Dodke
DOI : https://appliedgis.2016.v4.i01.pp01-3                                                                                                       Page No:1-3

3 Shopping Center Wayfinding Aid
Author(s): Sainath Sawale , Afsar Dhondfode , Prithviraj More , Prof. Deepak Dharrao
DOI : https://appliedgis.2016.v4.i01.pp01-6                                                                                                       Page No:1-6