Volume 2 Issue 4 October 2014

1 Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Methods, a Flood Hazard Zone was Defined in the Vamanapuram River Basin in Trivandrum, India
Author(s): Rosemary Noble , Reshma J.K , Rajesh Raghunath & Vineetha P
DOI : https://appliedgis.2014.v2.i04.pp01-08                                                                                                       Page No:1-8

2 The Uttarakhand Himalayan region of Yamunotri and Janki Chatti is ripe for a catastrophe similar to that which befell Kedarnath in 2013.
Author(s): Aniruddha Uniyal
DOI : https://appliedgis.2014.v2.i04.pp01-11                                                                                                       Page No:1-11