Volume 1 Issue 2 April 2013

1 Dhemaji District, Assam, India: A Geoinformatics Study of the Current Elevation and Landuse in Known Flood Zones
Author(s): Krishna Das , Santanu Sarma & Ashok Kumar Bora
DOI : https://appliedgis.2013.v1.i02.pp01-09                                                                                                       Page No:1-9

2 The Role of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems in Inferring Kukrail Nala, Ganga Plain, Drainage Basin Parameters
Author(s): Dhirendra Kumar1 , Dhruv Sen Singh2 & Manisha Mishra 3
DOI : https://appliedgis.2013.v1.i02.pp01-9                                                                                                       Page No:1-9

3 Using GIS and RS as an Alternative Method for Identifying Potential Ground Water Zones
Author(s): Abdalla Alobeid , Ali Aldosari , Muhamad Alrajhi & Mudasir Khan
DOI : https://appliedgis.2013.v1.i02.pp01-9                                                                                                       Page No:1-17