Web-based GIS for mapping voting patterns at the 2004Australian federal election

Created by Shyy, T, Stimson, R.& Chhetri, P.

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This paper describes a Web-based geographical information system (GIS) for mapping voting patterns at the 2004 Australian federal election at the polling booth level. The locations of polling booths are geocoded and linked with national digital datasets, including 2001 census data. The Web-based GIS can generate maps displaying patterns of voting for political parties across polling booths with overlays data showing the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of populations within the surrounding polling booth catchments. A classification functionality consisting of equal interval, quantile, median-based natural breaks and location quotient may be used to generate different map displays. The Web-based GIS has been developed as an information dissemination and analysis tool not only to benchmark voting outcomes but also to visualise relationships between voting patterns and demographic and socio-economic data.

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